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New Single – Waterproof Coat

New Zealand band Raw Collective releases a Powerful New Single
‘Waterproof Coat’

Hailing from New Zealand, the unforgettable Raw Collective have released a powerful new single ‘Waterproof Coat.’
The track is a blend of hip-pop, funk, synthesizers and some unorthodox time signatures and structure. In short it’s a pop song from the future, influenced from the past, but available today.
It is simply a metaphor for the ego, a defense against all obstacles we may come across. The song conveys the message to take some time to look after and protect yourself, especially from people psychologically and socially.
“We care and look after the people we love, but sometimes we forget to care the same for ourselves, so put on your coat and stay dry in among the chaos, the rain storms, the turmoil, or the wrong advice,” said MC/Beatmaker Raw Deezy.
“This is a song about celebrating strength and will power, but warns of the need to be immune to any negative influences that life does bring,”
People will become the thing they fight the most, and many people will try to persuade you, even try to stand on your back to reach higher. This track is designed to inspire any listener to take on
your own goals, ignore or jump all the hurdles and follow your own path regardless.

Raw Collective takes inspiration from many genres and influences and distils it into an honest,original raucous energy that speaks to all generations and walks of life through music that sings to the soul, causes the head to nod and encourages the feet to move in rhythmic fashion.
The 12-piece collective was formed in 2014 with their debut single ‘Coins [Memories] became single of the year on Since then the band have followed up with three pre-album singles and have hit the road performing at festivals such as: HOMEGROWN, Coastella, Tora Tora,
Twisted Frequency, CUBADUPA and Newtown Festival.
‘Waterproof Coat’ is off their upcoming debut album ‘For The Ancients’ due to drop 1st of May 2018.

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